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Life Church is passionate about loving and worshipping God. Either of our two worship services are the ideal time for anyone to come and see what church is all about - people worshipping, learning more about daily Christian living, and allowing God to touch hearts shaping our lives to make a difference for God in the world.

Finding hope, purpose, and life in the truth of God's Word
At Life, we take the challenges and issues of the 21st century and view them in the light of God's solutions. We believe what God says is relevant for everyone - at any time. Relevant talks (or sermons if you prefer) are given that are easy to understand and practical for daily living, helping you discover purpose for life and pointing you to the source of all hope - Jesus!

Exalting Jesus with powerful songs of faith and hope
At Life Church, you won't find droning music and hard pews. That's because we are into Life - Real Life. We are into worshipping a living and loving God - the author of life. Our worship is lively and contemporary, yet holy and reverent, allowing each individual to worship God in a way that is relevant, inspiring, and meaningful. Drama and multimedia also play an important part in our worship, illustrating truth and helping us to better understand or reflect.

Where answers are found and acceptance is given
Our gatherings at Life Church are open to anyone, regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey. Our aim is to reach all levels of maturity. Our hope is that the seeker who is searching out God will find honest answers to their questions of faith, and that the believer will find encouragement and growth, discovering their purpose in life and pursuing it with passion.

Service Times

Sunday 10:00 A.M. Worship (Weekly)
Wednesday Evening Small Groups 7:00 P.M. (Weekly)

Easy Online Directions

Helpful Hints!

1. Arrive early! For those who will be checking children from birth through 3 years of age, we recommend arriving 10 minutes early.

2. Be our guest! Everyone has questions from time to time and we have a staff of service assistants ready to answer any questions or point you to your desired ministry area.

3. Come as you are! Style shouldn't hinder your experience with God. Dress comfortably. Our services are casual so come as you like. Some people dress up, while others wear blue jeans and tee-shirts. Just come and experience Life.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the general questions that are often asked.

Q.How do you best describe Life Church?

A.Our pursuit is to become the kind of church described in the Bible - a church focused on community with real friendships, relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, constant prayer, Spirit-directed ministry, and compassionate care for those in need. We are committed to reaching out to those living far from God and helping Christ-followers grow in their Christian faith. In summary, we desire to be a church that passionately loves God and intentionally loves people changing lives in our community and ultimately the world.

Q.How can I meet people?

A.Many ways. If you're new to Life Church, be sure to join us for our Pastor's Reception or attend our Welcome 2 Life Class. We also have a host of many small groups that meet at the church and in our surrounding community on a variety of topics.

Q.Is there a dress code?

A. Dress comfortably. Our services are casual so come as you like. Some people dress up, while others wear blue jeans and tee-shirts. Just come as you are and experience Life.

Q.Does Life Church belong to a denomination?

A.Life is an independent Christian church that is a member of Harvest Network International, a partnership of international churches and ministries.

Q.Is there a Sunday School program?

A.Yes, in a unique way. For children, birth to sixth grade, we have our Kids@Life ministry program. Nursery age children have a safe nursery available at all times, and the older children worship with the adults three out of four Sundays and then go to their classes after the offering. On the fourth Sunday, grades 1-6 take part in Studio 4, an interactive children's ministry learning environment. Jr. & Sr. High (grade 7-12) worship with adults and have their own ministry, Infusion, meeting on Wednesday evenings.

Q.How do I become a member?

A.For those who desire membership, we offer Welcome 2 Life, a class which explains who we are, what we believe, our vision and values, and how to become an active member of Life Church.

Q.What does Life Church believe?

A.Life Church is Christ-centered and reaches out to those searching for answers to life, and helps believers grow in their faith to ultimately change their world for Christ. Life Church believes in the historic tenets of Christian faith. For more information, check out our beliefs page.

In short, we believe that salvation is by God's grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; in the authority of God's Word, and the responsibility of every believer to share the Good News of Jesus making Christ-followers in all nations. See our Becoming a Christian page. We also believe that God has dispensed necessary spiritual gifts to equip all believers for ministry service.
Q.What does Life Church believe about baptism?

A.Baptism is one of the two ordinances we observe as a church (the other is the Lord's Supper, or communion). We hold baptism services periodically throughout the year.
We believe that baptism is the outward confession of an inward change. Baptism does not "save" you and should only be done as an act of obedience to God once you have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Q.What about infant baptism?

A.Life Church does not baptize infants as we believe Scripture reserves baptism for believers. However, we know that many people come from a denominational tradition where they were baptized as an infant. Being baptized as an infant was a very special, even spiritual moment for your parents.

Q. Do you perform child dedications?

A.Yes. As believers, we dedicate our children to God as a sign of our commitment to train them in the ways of the Lord. When you dedicate your children, you are affirming that God has given your children to you as a gift. You are a steward, not an owner of them. You are also asking the church body to join you in nurturing your child. To schedule a child dedication service, please contact the church office at office@eplife.org or at 952.937.6101.

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